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Recent Castle Project Lead Changes

Following Hammett’s blog post earlier today announcing that all the projects that form the Castle Project will be lead and released individually, instead of one big package.

Castle committers were asked to offer to become projects leads. Hammett states that project leads “should oversee the project in near and long terms, keep the documentation, take care of patches, set goals and roadmaps, seek collaboration and release the bits.”

Not being a Castle committer I offered to lead the Castle tools; which are DynamicProxy, NVelocity and Visual Studio Integration (new project wizards). Hammett has taken me up on my offer, and for now I will be leading these 3 projects.

The first task I will be doing is going through the logged issues and trying to plan a roadmap for the projects and discuss these with everyone.

After working out a roadmap, getting some initial documentation written for these tools will probably be my next priority since the tools currently have no official documentation. I will also be looking at the current Visual Studio integration to determine if Castle Visual Studio Integration from the contrib should be merged, and getting it all updated for Visual Studio 2008.

I’m not sure how well I can lead these projects, time will only tell. If you have any comments on what I am doing or not doing, I am open to your comments or criticism. I’m hoping with help from the community we can get these projects released very soon as DynamicProxy2 and NVelocity have been stable for some time now.

Please post any comments about the projects themselves on the castle users or development mailing lists.