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CVSI 0.2 Alpha Release

After way too many hours on working on Castle Visual Studio Integration, I am now releasing an alpha release of 0.2.x.

In this release I am using Mono.Cecil to reflect over the binaries, because of the well known limitations of System.Reflection and its AppDomain problems. CVSI requires that you build your project for the classes and methods to show up in IntelliSense, which is really a minor problem at this stage. Visual Studio has a complex code model for files in the current project that can be used to read class and method information from the source files, however I don’t have the time to invest in working it out.

A few things I’d like to point out before you jump in and download this release. The IntelliSense can sometimes take a while to appear because I have not implemented any caching of the assemblies, which means it reloads them every time you perform an IntelliSense action. Castle Visual Studio Integration also terminates the Castle.NVelocity parser pretty often because the parser does not complete in a set period of time. This is usually caused by a bug in the parser causing it to run endlessly.

IMPORTANT: The final thing I want to mention is that this is an alpha release and I really mean that compared to the quality of the current release. This release can cause problems and annoy the hell out of you. Luckily, if it is too buggy for you, you can easily delete the new assemblies and drop in the old ones (0.1.3).

I’d appreciate any bug reports filed in the Castle JIRA contrib project with Castle Visual Studio Integration as the component. This will allow me to keep track of the problems. I’d really appreciate it if you could try to narrow down problems reported in your views to the smallest amount of template and not paste in hundreds of lines of view code.

You can download this release at the link below, or if you are not convinced check out the screenshots to see what new features are available in this release.

Download Castle Visual Studio Integration 0.2.0 Alpha or view several screenshots of the features that 0.2.0 Alpha introduces.